What is talent? Try to understand your talent; you will open up a whole new dimension to developing it. Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series – 21

Swamiji used to say, “Never think you weak”. Following Swamiji’s words, success will come in the palm of your hand. The value of time must be respected. Departure never returns. Benjamin Franklin used to say – “Departure does not come back, and what we consider to be sufficient time is rarely proven at the end”. It is recommended to save time and make good use of it. The mind is the most important. In order to maintain the concentration of the mind in every area of life, one must meditate for ten minutes in a quiet place at a given time. This method has to be gradually increased. As it is not fixed, it can be rested happily. But the spine, chest, neck and head should be kept straight. Learn to face the truth. You will never know yourself, unless you are facing the truth. Learn to cope with challenges; do not run away from them. You can’t teach anything to anyone, you can only help him, to find those things in himself. If you truly want success, you need to broaden your desire for success rather than failure. There is nothing you need to do or say and do not need to ignore anyone’s criticism or slander. No! If you do not wish, no one can make you feel inferior. Remember, you did not live in this world as anyone else expected, nor did anyone else live in this world according to your desire.

As a homemaker, for example, you prepare food for your family. You know that you cook well and you like to do it, so you might ask yourself, “How can this be a talent? It’s my regular job and every housekeeper like me is doing it.” If someone asks you, what is your talent? Tell it proudly, “I can cook well.” If you admire your talent, you will open up a whole new dimension to developing it. You never know where it might take you in your life. If we want to pursue our dreams, hobbies, or career today, we first test it on the external rewards parameter. Can I earn more in any other profession? Is there ample opportunity for recognition? Will I have a secure future and allowance in this case? Suppose you are earning good as an engineer. Already you have found that you can cook well and you enjoy cooking more than your engineering. Now cooking can be an option for your profession.  Since you are already in a well-established profession, you will not try to get out of your comfort zone. This is how the pressure of external rewards limits our lives. No matter how good we are at singing, writing or playing, we don’t think of it as a career.

Perfection must be great, try to work it to perfection as much as possible. That’s fine, but don’t stop doing it because you can’t do it perfectly, take a step and keep learning. You will get better while doing this. Kim Collins said, “Strive for continuous improvement rather than perfection.” Perfection? That’s what everyone remembers. Once I change my current job, I will follow my dreams. After I earn some money first, I will start my business. If I get more time, I’ll start going to the gym. Then I will start enjoying my life after I have taken down my responsibilities. The test that is good, only good, it is wrong. World-renowned painter Pablo Picasso or iPod inventor Steve Jobs, they were pretty bad at studying. If you can reach the criteria you set, then that will be your success. There is no barrier or path to success, the only thing to do is to move forward, though the path forward may not always be smooth. Success is really about the mind – it’s a mental state. The day you succeed, your mind will tell you. Meaning, fame is not any of these successes, they are merely the pursuit of success.

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