If you want to achieve something, then you have to move slowly with self-confidence and faith. Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series – 22

You want to be an artist, such as a singer, writer, painter or whatever. Remember, you have the opportunity to participate in an event and showcase your abilities. If you try to find an excuse that you are not well prepared, it means that you are waiting for fulfilment. Don’t miss the chance. Vince Lombardi said, “Perfection is not attainable, but if we pursue perfection we can capture excellence.” Bill Gates said “People are always afraid of change when electricity was invented; people were still scared of it. Do not value the words of those who reproach you in your name. Always remember that they are criticizing your name because you are better than them. Don’t compare yourself to anyone on earth If you do, then you are insulting yourself. Sometimes to win, you have to learn to lose a little Losing is not a bad thing, but it does help you make the next goal better.

Just know, a homeless man is far more easily available than an educated young man when he leaves home. So if you want to achieve something or reach a specific goal, then you have to move slowly towards your goal, crossing all obstacles with self-confidence and faith. Your goal will motivate you, and a little bit of hard work will lead you to your goal. Keep reading, its fine but not okay. We went to an interview, but it didn’t go well. We have just returned from a holiday trip, but there are a few things to explore. It’s okay if it’s not perfect. Life is exciting, because it is unpredictable. The secret to lasting happiness is to enjoy the journey and never stop learning. As Eugene Delacroix put it, “The artist who aims for perfection in everything, does not achieve it at all”. If you don’t play well, that’s fine too. You have to realize that you cannot be the best at everything. Keep doing it as long as you like. Keep going and enjoy Leo Tolstoy said “If you look for perfection you will never be satisfied”

It is meditation to remember and meditate on one thing with a single heart. By meditating, the mind becomes calm and steadfast, and memory and thought are enhanced. The concentration of the mind will help make you a successful person. From the Upanishads we find that “the person who has the highest knowledge of concentration of mind – all his senses are under his control”. You use your talents. Once you recognize the call of your heart, do not hold on to your talents from sitting idle, waiting for the perfect time or more opportunity. As Evan Panini put it, “He doesn’t demand the praise of the talent he has, but he uses them.” Talent will not work, if you do not”. If you take no action about it, it will not motivate you. Happiness is not about dreaming about your talent, but about using that talent. Use your talents Take the first step and explore the dimensions. Everyone has talent. Many know it and some use it.

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