As long as you trying, the hope of winning will remain. Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series – 23

There will be no cause for suffering in the past, but the past must be known because the past is not repeated. One has to take lessons from mistakes. Emphasis is on success, not failure. Some people may laugh or be upset at your failure. They are not in your control. So do your job fearlessly. Your understanding of your heart is very important. The conscience needs to be awakened so that the conscience can warn you by showing your fault. Do not run easily, it will finish the work that starts. However, before starting work, you must check whether the work is worth it. As long as you study, the hope of winning will remain. Learn to take responsibility yourself. Learn to work with specific goals. Specific success is to be expected. Make up your mind to accept good fortune or misfortune. Workplace news food should be kept. Always be prepared. It should not be left behind to make decisions. Emotions must be controlled and learn to take potential risks.

There really is no need to do anything good, only to give up the bad will be good. Happiness is good but its outcome is not good. Sadness sounds bad but it is ultimately beneficial. Joy, defeat, loss or profit, happiness and sadness have to proceed in equal measure. Defeat, loss or grief cannot affect the mind if it is progressed in this way. You have to think new and be creative by applying your own mental abilities or intelligence. In fact, the correct use of intelligence is the right intellect. The desired form of intelligence is the one that not only expresses the good side but also the expression of the intellect can be misleading. Never shrink your intellect or make it too big. It is important to remember that not everyone has the least intellect and the intelligence, so enough to succeed in life. Therefore, it is important to remember that every day; we have to make good use of what we have. The need for self-reflection is much greater than memorizing.

APJ Abdul Kalam Azad said, “Life and time are the best teachers in the world. Learn to use time well and also learn Time to value of your life. Love your work but don’t love your company, because you never know when the company will love you. If you are like the sun, if you want to spread the light, then it shines like the sun. I wanted to be an airplane pilot in my student life but Failed and became rocket scientists. It is a complex game of life. You can conquer him by gaining personality”. “Success does not mean failure, it is not the absence of failure, it means the accomplishment of the ultimate goal, that is, winning the war but not every single fight,” said Edwin C. Bliss. He who has no faith in his own shoulder speaks of the shelter of Kandari. Kheyal Kanpuri said, “Jinki varosa khud apno par nehi hai, ohi nakhudake saharo ki bat karte hai.” Whenever you have a conflict with someone, your attitude will help you to improve your relationship with him. Skilled people can reach goals, no one else can. No one can see the goal of the gifted.

Step by Step Guide (SBI ATM & CDM)

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