If your hope is not to skyrocket, if you have a positive attitude, you will be able to reach your goals.Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series – 24

Many people start something without any promise. As a result, they waste valuable time and energy on disciplines that they will abandon after months of lazy efforts. Working without diligence is a waste of time. Continuing with the idea of time, I think it would be beneficial to start a project or goal that is useful to ask yourself first. Perseverance is not easy to measure. The only real way to know your level of perseverance is to work on a project and if you miss a goal after two years, when you give up, however, your degree of perseverance is two years. Unfortunately, most of us simply do not have the years or lives to waste to measure the commitment of a new project. Although it will not measure the real thing, I think there is a thought test that comes very close to pinpoint the real value.

It is through faith that commitment is created. The goal is to be fixed and effort should make to reach that goal. This attitude can be achieved only after years of effort. If your hope is not to skyrocket, if you have the zeal and zeal associated with a positive attitude, then you will be able to reach your goals. To be successful, we must move on with this attitude. Must help others but does not neglect their own interests. You have to be fearless and have the determination that if you try, you can. Be optimistic and trust the people around you. It is worth mentioning that Dr. Amen is a Chinese piano player. He was imprisoned for seven years during the Cultural Revolution. After his liberation, his skill was not diminished. The artist explains that he used to play the piano in his heart every day. So imagine what you want to be and think in private. But never imagine the luxury. Imagine the steps you want to take to reach your goal. If you practice it patiently, you will be incredibly ahead. “I consider it preferable to fail initially at that goal, which will ultimately succeed,” said Woodrow Wilson.

To achieve success, I want to strive. Man himself makes his own destiny. We can all have success. It is the right to have endured many hardships in life. Awakening of consciousness is the key to success. Your own right is the path to your own success. The right has to be earned and success will come. The object captured by its multiplication is pleasing. Moral values are the key to success. Mutual dignity is also one of the key conditions for success. Be successful or unsuccessful in life, be it rich or poor; some people will always be there to criticize your name so do your work without paying much attention to who said what, and make your life beautiful and easy forever. Success introduces us to the world, but failure introduces us to the Life. Never be so available to anyone so that you forget your personal freedom. If you really want to be stress free in life, then you have to learn to say no today if you learn well to say this thing, then the stress on your 5% of your life will be completely reduced. Frankly, many people will get angry or hurt when they do not listen but in reality this kind of person is liked by everyone who can speak clearly.

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