Intelligence is potential and knowledge is real. Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series – 26

It is necessary to understand about the relation between intellect and knowledge. Wisdom is the ability to learn or to know and to use that power to achieve what is knowledge. So intelligence is potential and knowledge is real. Opportunity is required for acquiring knowledge and desire for knowledge is required by the one who acquires knowledge. Just because someone did not gain knowledge does not mean that they did not have the ability to acquire knowledge. If talent is not innate, it must be achieved by diligence, impossible concentration, planning and determination. No matter how much you have the intelligence; it is important but not very important. What matters are how you use your intellect or your intelligence, how much you use and whether you can use it to the fullest. It is very important to control and use your thoughts and imagination as the main driving force of your intellect.

There are many areas of life where counselling is important. There is a difference between support and advice. If you have a goal or a dream, your subconscious mind has already decided to pursue it. Once you’ve made a decision, asking for advice can halt your progress. Don’t advise or ask about your goals. If you want to start a business, don’t ask other people if you should. They cannot tell you what your desires are. The only effective time to ask for advice is implementation. Once you decide to pursue the goal, it is certainly wise to ask for tips on how to do it. You want someone more precise than you to prove that your wishes are realistic. When you ask permission after an idea, you give up the power of the other person. Critics may have said right.

Our brains and minds are a lot like a bank. Every day many thoughts are accumulated in the bank of the mind. These thoughts become memories as they grow. You need to build confidence to manage your memory bank well. So, just collect hopeful and constructive thoughts in the bank of the mind. If you want to be remembered forever, you can remember. Increase your memory regularly through practice. What you know is not the end. There is still a lot to know. The more you know, the greater your knowledge and your mind’s eyes will open. Your creative brain will evolve. Go out of school and think about something new. Developing intelligence requires regular walking, running or regular sports and this types of beautiful, unprecedented helps to grow the development of intelligence.

Bill Gates told that “If you are born poor, it is not your fault but if you die from the poor, and then it is your fault”. The happiest thing in life is to do the work that people say when they see it – you can never do it. Work hard to be successful but never take shortcut help. A broken mind will never let you lead to success, so learn to calm and concentrate your mind first, then think of success in life.

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