Each challenge will put you in the challenge, but each challenge will give you a chance. Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series – 28

You can never make good results if you do not give much importance to your studies. If you waste time on thinking of good results, you will be cheated. One of the strongest rules for developing a work-oriented attitude in your career is to provide unexpected service. Develop an active attitude. The more enthusiasm, the better will be the result. Impossible is possible if the mind is stressed. Jed is needed to win, and victory is needed to make it worthwhile, sincere diligence. Which seems difficult to you right now, see how easy it is, you must win. Without diligence, stubbornness can end your life. It is possible to set your mind firmly when the situation is not for you. The bigger your dreams or goals, the more trouble you will have. Each challenge will put you in the challenge, but each challenge will give you a chance. Whenever you feel that things are about to fall or when things aren’t going as expected, say to yourself, “It can take a while, but it will happen.”

If you want to be successful in the competition, skill is required. To achieve success, you need to remember the following. • Keep yourself calm even in the worst of times. • Have faith in yourself and be prepared to deal with any situation. • Don’t over-trust the ability to change others. • Learn from other people’s reasoning and point of view. • No creature created by another has been destroyed, because it can sometimes be useful to you. • Learn to not speak politely with immediate defeat. • Measuring one’s success is through enjoying good health, peace and love. • Always learn to think and talk about yourself and your work. • It is important to have a good sense of courtesy to everyone, as it costs nothing. • Always remember that the winners do not, the losers do not, and that is what makes them the difference. • The wishes of intelligent people should be respected and the children should be interested in receiving affection. • Honest critics praise and find the good side of others.

Science says that energy cannot be created or destroyed in this world, only energy can be transformed. Eight forms of energy were initially known – thermal energy, mechanical energy, electric power, etc. But in recent times, science has shown that all energies are mainly three energy transformations, and in the near future it will be proved that all energies are transformations of one energy. Scientists from various countries have been working tirelessly on this matter.

Nature does not melt our heads everywhere. There are many places where the intellect stumbles into darkness, the heart guides its light”- Balendranath Tagore. “The best way to erase the past is to change places – Sanjib Chattopadhyay. “The incompetent and the weak are more leaping, the stronger the ball proves” – Md. Yunus Ali. “I neglect that, I bow down, take me back to the proud-wet eyes of silence. I refuse to go back to the festival, I am the wandering moon taken by that unwanted exile. What else will cause me pain? ”- Rudra Mohammad Shahidullah. “Stable certainty gives you the determination to keep going, even when the roads in front of you are closed.”-Dennis Waitley.

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