If There is No Pain, There is No Gain. Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series –30

First you have to find your target, and then you’ll have to stick together. When the goal is set, you must do whatever you need to do to reach the goal and you must do whatever you want to do, and you must not stop by to stop anything. Never think of yourself as a child, you have to go on to meet the goals. You’ll take care of the little ones. You have to work with your eyes. That’s because,” no pain, no gain”. To see how the world has changed, one more thing to remember, not just to take it, but to make the world of thought bigger. Do not throw away anything that is not in your control. If you have an inherent problem with something, you might want to consider reading it. If you are very hesitant about choosing a topic, discuss it with parents, teachers or counsellors and get help from a trusted career counsellor if needed.

The truth is powerful, unchanging. False is weak, scary, and momentarily agile. ‘Truth’ is one of the main and first sources of keeping a good mind. Isolation is a kind of feeling of the mind. When a person is occupied with this idea, he can easily drive his mind. An unconscious mind is a state of nothingness, motionless, motionless. The impulsive mind is the vibrant, vibrant, dynamic but indifferent and independent mind. One of the conditions for keeping the mind good is the delusion of the mind. You have to create your own control over the mind by trying again and again. After that it will be easy to develop conscience, good judgment, and finally be able to remain calm, beautiful, and cheerful in the power of the individual.

Generally, the study can be divided into three parts which are Science, Arts and Commerce. Apart from this, there are now a number of courses available as alternatives to traditional education which can be followed by a better career. If you do not study science, it will not be happen anything – do not sit with this idea nowadays. If you are scared of anything, don’t try to get the media out of the media even if it gets a good number. Life is yours, so you have the right to choose your choice of year or career. However, considering the trial, he will choose the subject or the profession so as not to regret it later.

1) “If you want to consider life as something valuable, the first is time.” – Ice. 2) “Think about how you can use time when you think about time-lapse. You cannot stop time but you can use or abuse what is going on over time”. – Ernest Agiemong Yeboa. 3) “I can’t manage the time, but I can control my 24 hours to be valuable.” –Mohammed Sekauti. 4) “If you lose an hour in the morning, you will search for it all day.” – Irish proverbs.

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