Start with the present and end with only the present, don’t drag the old words into it. Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series –31

Think before you talk, then tell me. If you make a mistake, you should immediately confess. How you’re saying more important than what you’re saying. Remember, any idiot can start an argument but a lot of intelligence is needed to make a positive conclusion. Start the argument, start with the present and end with the present, don’t drag the old words into it, don’t talk about it. You should not be thinking when you hear it. If you look at the person you are talking to, you will be forced to pay attention to you.

To be joyful is to learn to forgive. If anger and resentment are poured into the mind, happiness never flows. If you are under stress, you need to create a way out of it. The importance of keeping the mind good and exchanging the mind with the five is so immense. Psychologists, Meta physicians, or the world’s spiritual healers agree that anger, resentment, envy, jealousy, guilt, and fear are all that lies in the mind responsible for any illness. They are constantly injuring and wounding us. Because of this, learning to love one can teach others to love and it will make life beautiful. The difference between the diseases of the body with the diseases of the body is that if there is a disease in the body, it can inform us directly in some way.

In addition to caring for the body, the mind has to take proper care. Many problems will be easier to solve if the mind is calm. The mind may be excited from time to time but it is necessary to keep trying to keep that mind calm and that effort will help keep the mind good. The mind is very agile and dynamic. So the mind can change from one thought to another in the same way. But from that, the mind must understand and try to dominate it so that it does not become distracted or directional or the complexity of the rotation will not stagnate. The mind plays a special role in the execution of any action. Desire, lust, greed, etc. can keep you sitting in the mind too easily. The power of the mind is in honesty, purity, devotion and love.

Various combinations of intelligence are available. Many people have explained intelligence in different ways, such as: • The ability to learn is called intelligence. • Wisdom is the use of the intellect. Knowledge is the ability to adapt to the environment or new conditions. • The ability or ability to take the exam is called intelligence. • Intellect is the ability, skill, skill. • Wisdom is the practice and sophisticated learning. • Knowledge is not knowledge; it is the skill or the ability to teach. • Wisdom is the name of an action, it is a mental variation. • Wisdom means memory.

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