Our mind is like a balloon. If you do not fill the air with it, it will be reduced to silence. Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series –32

It is important to concentrate on the normal movement of the mind so that it does not become disturbed. It is important to maintain the service of the mind and to repair it if it becomes motionless for any reason, so that the mind is able to keep its clear speed. In order to keep the mind calm, tidy and vibrant, one should look at clean lightweight clothing, keeping the mouth and mouth clean and body clean, walking in open spaces, sleeping in clean beds, eating easy-to-eat food. Hobby reading is an excellent practice. Reading different types of books will expand your mind and teaches one to look at things differently than the other five, to think. But do not let this hobby hurt you. Our mind is like a balloon. If you do not fill the air with it, it will be reduced to silence but the balloon will be larger as the air is filled. This is called the expansion of the mind.

Linbomirsky, a psychology professor at the University of California, has explored eight ways to keep the mind healthy. The first of these is to be kind to others, and then the second is to show appreciation for help from someone. The man who has benefited me at some point in my life, it is important to stand beside him in the day of danger. Third, do not neglect the small pleasures of everyday life. The happiness that one finds in life’s happy memories is not a fallacy at all. Because of this, it is good to see a photograph full of loved ones or to remember the happiness.         

Conventional wisdom is a shortcut to real thinking. When you rely on the majority to give you careers, diet and spiritual advice, you avoid thinking about these things yourself. Often as you sprinkle the cover and begin to understand the systems behind it, you can come up with more satisfying and less risky solutions to your problem. When you remove the outer layer from your career, you will find that a job does not just work for money, it is done to build skills, which are provided at a bargain price. That’s why programs designed to give people jobs don’t provide the right value. Because of this, if you do not value your work, you are in a much higher risk position than any entrepreneur. “If a defeated man still has a smile after losing, the victor will lose his joy of winning – that is the real power of laughter.” “If you really want to do something, you will find the right way, and if you want to do something, you will find the excuse too. Learn to make valuable decisions in your own life; otherwise you will not waste any time in making that decision in your life. Never be so available to anyone so that you forget your personal freedom.

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