Don’t say anything to express anger. It is wise to keep quiet. Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series –33

You can’t speak if you want; you need courage to speak, so you have to be careful. You have to be personal before you make a statement. You have to believe in your own words. Starting with a story without laughing can attract the attention of the audience. We have to speak in clear and short words. Don’t be emotional at first. You can stand in front of the mirror to practice, which will give you strength. Without emotion, good speech is not, but when you give a speech, you have to be careful not to lose your argument for emotion. You have to make your speech logical and credible to the audience. It’s very normal and easy to talk. Speech is also an art. We have to speak in a way that encourages the audience. The speech has to be sincere. You have to fix what you say. We have to talk to you. Everyone can be a good speaker. You have to bravely face the crowd with preparation, but you will be afraid. If you feel bad about something and you know that you don’t have any words, don’t just say anything to express anger. It is wise to keep quiet.

You should change your words and change the expression by focusing on the different words in the sentence. Everyone should be more concerned with the behaviour, attitude and attractive personality. It is not to do wrong to others. If someone does not let you do what you like after studying, it will be unfair to you and it will be unacceptable to you. There will be many problems in life. We have to fight them with courage. Don’t break, don’t lose your energy. It is a power to listen to your voice, but if you don’t react, it’s a weakness.

Don’t betray your dreams and future by avoiding work. Try to do the necessary work quickly and if you are not busy with any important work, do it immediately if you are in a position to do something. Don’t leave it for the next one. As time goes by, you will realize that past problems or conflicts become small or minor. So, we should move forward, not to blame others for looking at the future. You don’t always want to prove yourself right. Control things that are under your control in any situation and try to avoid things that are beyond your control and do not waste time on it. You have to be patient and control your behaviour to control any situation.

Don’t sit down after the first success. Because when you fail the second time, many will say that the first one was only a success with luck. Those who don’t work in the mind actually get nothing. And yet it’s half the heart’s success. It always remains bitter. My message to the younger generation is that they have to have the courage to think differently. There must be a sense of discovery in the mind. You have to have a mind-set to overcome your own problems.

Step by Step Guide (SBI ATM & CDM)

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