The more you read, the more your thinking is expanding. Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series –34

As much as the mind expands on reading literature, it does not matter. The more you read, the more your thinking is expanding, you can think bigger, you are interested in new things, and you can think differently than five. It will also have a direct impact on your school, college education and workplace. But it will have more impact indirectly. Those who pull the storybook know how strong that tension is. So, reading your books and reading books – you need to strike a balance. The soul, the mind, the body are not separate objects, they are the same object. This same object sometimes seems to be the body, the mind, the mind or the spirit of the past. He who sees only the body cannot see the mind, whose eyes do not see the soul until the mind, and the person who sees or understands the soul does not have the body and mind. The one who sees only the motion does not see the constant calmness, but the one who sees the absolute calmness disappears. The object is one, just being published in a variety of ways. As long as one imagines two objects, he is wrong, when he knows that there is only one entity, and then he is right.

The disease is the main cause of the disease in the body. If the disease is bound to the heart, then it is expressed in the body. There is an impact of mental health on the body of people around the world. So the mind must be kept in order to keep the body healthy. Keeping the mind right is the feeling of being free-minded, having a sense of accomplishment, being able to be with others in need, and feeling empathy for others. If the mind-healing techniques are mastered, not only can the physical body remain good in the mind, it can also keep the people around. In addition to seeking advice from a psychologist or psychiatrist in addition to having a mental illness, many people simply advise them to be good in their mind. Our mind is best when we are completely absorbed in a creative or entertaining act. Success, recognition, security, loves – these are the things that make our mind better. To get these, you have to make an active effort. Those who are inactive, suffer in frustration, mistrust others, have no motivation at all – to them happiness and happiness will be left unaddressed.

 That is why humanity is the key to all religions. Sacrifice, education, tolerance and love for yourself. Loving one means arrogance, not pride. Love your soul, your body. But the mind does not inform. Gradually, the house becomes mute. The seeds of various physical ailments are hidden inside a weak mental state. Psychologists have analysed whether strain or emotional stress causes negative emotions. This negative mentality can lead to diseases such as heart disease, fatigue, migraine, asthma, anemia, insomnia, constipation, psoriasis, chest pain, etc. Mind control methods should be used regularly to cure these. From risky choices, personal development is probably safer. You can lose your job at any time, but as a result you will not lose your skills. Businesses can die, but lessons learned from failed ventures will help strengthen future businesses. While your health may decline, your ability to change habits will be strengthened. If no investment in your time creates internal assets, then this is not the case.

“Time is the most valuable currency of your life. You and you will determine how this currency will be spent. Be careful not to let other people spend it for you. – Michael Altschuller. “You can regret the lost time and you can do better in the future.” –Ashley Ormon. “One has enough time, if one applies it well.” –Johan Wolfgang von Goethe. “Everyone has the same amount of hours every day, it’s not that you don’t have enough time; it’s not your obvious focus”. –Bridget English. “The fastest way to get out of time is to think you have enough.” –Stuart Crawford.

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