If there is opposition, it is a great way to break it down and succeed. Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series –36

You can’t be excited if you don’t have a target in front. It’s hard to appreciate everyone. Some opposition is needed. If there is opposition, it is a great way to break it down and succeed. Not surrender, learn to live like a living. It’s the hardest thing to talk about. In your life, there is a lot of debate, a storm, a conflict, a mental, and a conflict. What school, what family, what friends chat, what work or relatives are somehow created by talking? Not understanding or understanding properly, or not understanding– is a misunderstanding. It’s a stage that breaks down. And this is how anger, jealousy, hatred, bloodshed is done.

Spiritual improvement brings joy, wisdom, and forgiveness back to life. That is, practicing this relaxation for half an hour every day brings a strange tranquillity to the body and makes it easier for people to get around. The relationship of joy with the religious spirit is deep. Some studies have found that those who believe in God, who surrender themselves to the Almighty – Insatiable among them is relatively low. Relaxation or meditation, which is called spiritual meditation, needs to be understood exactly. Paul Labrador, a medical scientist at Los Angeles’ Cedar Sinai Institute, explains the meditation and its benefits very simply. Paul says that Meditation or Transcendental Meditation is a mantra sitting in a particular seat and repeating the same mantra repeatedly. This mantra can be a sentence, maybe a single word or word, like Om. But the whole meditation time should be uttered and recited, with no interruption and no interruption. Even in many cases a special coin or organ, except for the mantra, leads to the same effect. In this process of repetition, the brain and consciousness become fully engaged, with almost no external feeling or any other thought and no way to get there.

There are several mechanisms to increase memory, which apply to everyone and that are regular sports, exercise, eating nutritious food, adhering to hygiene, scheduling studies, sleeping regularly, etc. Memory depends on desire, interest and inclination. Memory is a major step in achieving Vidya but not the purview of education. Memory is like a bridge that can be useful if there is something else to do.

“People die when they die, change if they survive, change for some reason -” Munier Choudhury. “Every hardship from which you turn away Being a ghost will make you sleepy”- Rabindranath Tagore. “The children escaped from the gloom of the temple, and the children sat in the dust God watch their game and forget about the worshiper”- Rabindranath Tagore. “The self-esteem that drives our energy forward is commendable. But the self-esteem that backs us up just keeps us on the brink, it is the father of condemnation ”- Rabindranath Tagore.

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