The difference between Teacher and Time is that the teacher takes the test after teaching and time teaches us after taking the test. Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series –37

One thing must be remembered is that there is a difference between time and the teacher. The teacher takes the test after teaching and time teaches us after taking the test. “Waqt or teacher may thora sa fark hota hai, teacher teaching ke bad imathihan let hai aur waqt imatihan le kar shikata hai”.Don’t be disappointed. The English word ‘Fail’ means ‘First Attempt in Learning’ meaning ‘First Step’. Failure will lead you to success. The good students are those who ask questions. No one can learn without asking. Students have to be given a chance to ask questions. The end is not the end. The word ‘END’ means ‘Effort Never Dies’ meaning ‘No death of effort’. We don’t just build on success, we build on failure. A bad student can learn more from a bad teacher than a good teacher.

Time is nothing, until you’re using it. You should use time as a useful process. It’s not worth regretting the time that’s gone by, it’s going to waste a lot of time. Whatever we do, we should always be prepared for the sudden obstacles because it is part of life. You need to know how to apply the time correctly. The most important thing is to spend the most time. Everyone has a time when performance is learning, you have to recognize it. If you avoid daily small tasks, you can never do great things. You should write down your dreams that come to you from time to time in a diary. You don’t know which dream will be your life. So the dreams that come in the mind should be welcomed by writing which can be reviewed at different times.

Don’t cheat yourself; don’t put your dreams in your own way. Wake up the sleep force that is in your midst. Understand your needs, tear the imagination apart and drag the dream out. Some words are not known when reading. In that case, guess the meaning of the word according to the context. Then open the dictionary and see if you guessed it. There are many English words which, if not well known, can be mistaken for use. It may be that listening to two words is almost one but the meaning is almost opposite. So recognize the word and use it.

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