You should not bend your nose at everything. Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series –38

Stress means that in simple words, physical and emotional stress in life. Stress is not what it was before. Civilization was from the earliest times. In ancient Ayurveda Scriptures mention various medicines to cure stress. Stress has increased so much around the world that heart attacks, exhaustion, high blood pressure have almost become epidemic. Doctors have named Stress as a proximal. Stress or strain is one of the major problems in everyday life of every person today. Most people are not able to enjoy their lives better because of the stress or extra strain, so many are opting for death in the end due to depression. The main residence of the tension is the mind. Subjective interest usually means tension. In this case, you have to fight with yourself. Too much anger, excessive selfishness or self-centred behaviour or showing emotion is unnecessary and it is the primary signal of tension. You should not bend your nose at everything.

Meditation helps to disappear harmful and disturbing thoughts, and the brain becomes calm and united. The mediator has to continue his meditation process in an open mind. This will eliminate anxiety and tensions and the various illnesses that come after them. As part of his research, Paul divided some of his patients into one group and practiced the traditional relaxation system for the other. The team that meditated regularly had better blood pressure and pulse speed than any other team. Paul says hypertension, heart disease, diabetes is basically a tension-related response known as stereo verbena, and meditation is just the opposite —- that is, the relational response. Many times the stress of being born from a lonely everyday life brings a lot of problems to our personal lives the thought of the office all the time makes us busy inside. I know; Everyday people who go to work on the trains and buses are scared of people, how dangerous they are to get into a dangerous situation every day. As a result of these situations, it is normal for a person to experience depression, stress and anxiety At present, one of the biggest reasons for people’s stress is not because of the habit of sitting in one place or lying in bed for hours. If you feel excessive mental stress or stress, never sit or lie down for long periods of time, instead of walking outside for at least 5 minutes and free air should be inhaled as much as possible.

If you want to be healthy, both mentally and physically, you must have a smile. Keep away worry, anger, and emotional turmoil. Various studies have shown that people who are smiling are less likely to have a heart attack. Blood pressure and sugar are controlled. There is no comparison of laughter to fatigue in the body. With laughter the blood circulation becomes smooth, the nervous system becomes refreshed. Taking away all the worries and turmoil, Rose can laugh a little if she rules – then her body and mind will be fresh. Smiley, yoga and meditation – the combination of these three keeps the body refreshed.

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