Never be so available to anyone so that you forget your personal freedom.Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series –39

Stress is one of the major problems in everyday life of every person today. Most people are not able to enjoy their lives better because of the stress or extra stress, so many people are finally opting for death because of depression. There are many simple ways to get rid of a horrible problem like stress, but there are many simple ways that you can get rid of these problems if you follow them properly. So let’s know about all those methods: – 1. Learn to say no 2. Walk / Exercise 3. Learn the Breathing Technique 4. Maintain distance from technology 5. Come out to a place of your choice 6. Spend time with friends or relatives 7. Do your own thing.

If you really want to be stress free in life, then you have to learn to say no today if you learn well to say this thing, then the stress on your 5% of your life will be completely reduced. While this may seem simple, it is not, in part, because there are many people who do not like to tell anyone. If they do not say it, then that person may get very upset. But in reality, people like this are all people who can speak clearly, so if you do not speak to your boss and your teacher in the face, then you will be in big trouble, so you do not use the word “no” in such a beautiful way. Make it clear to the mind that they understand that you are not ready to do that job. Well, never be so available to anyone so that you forget your personal freedom.

Elimination of anxiety, anxiety, anxiety, restraint and restraint increase the memory and regular habits like reading, sports, meditation, waking up in the morning, increasing the concentration of the mind and thereby enhancing the memory. Deep attention enriches the monument. It is not only to increase memory, but also to give importance to memorial education. The development of creative abilities, the tendency to do something new, must be valued, and a genuine active interest in reading should be seen. Life is for work One of the biggest things you can think of in life is work. The more you pay attention, the more your mind will be awake. Your feelings will also be healed. If you focus on the importance of studying, then you must succeed. Make reading enjoyable, then reading concentration will come and you will be attentive.

Hubert Benson of Harvard Medical School performed a special scan on the brain of a mediator while meditating and doing “Kundalini”. It is clear that during meditation, almost the entire brain of meditation becomes calm and unaffected. But there are places that control our breathing, blood circulation, heart, etc. That is, all the vital functions continue. This is not the case when meditation goes out of state. As Benson says, this is proven – during meditation and repeated meditation, the meditative brain becomes calm. And in this calm state, the brain can monitor and control the physical processes very well. It is surprising and proud to think of brain control over the body, how long ago the wise sages of our country received the knowledge and taught its practical application.

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