Take advantage of opportunity, but never take advantage of anyone’s simplicity and belief. Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series –40

If you cannot prepare yourself through long-term and focused effort, then the dream of living a permanent and lost life will be left to life. Not only do you have dreams of touching the sky, you must not be tempted to work hard, to make that dream come true. Another world in our minds comes to us with a strange experience called dreams. It’s when we sleep. People’s dreams are not only that of sleep, but also by the awake people. It’s important to dream. Dreams that were seen at a young age become real. A.P. Abdul Kalam told that “Life and time are the best teachers in the world”. Life teaches you how to use time well and to give time to value life. It is a pleasure to work hard. So people should be hard at work to enjoy success.

Take advantage of every opportunity that comes into your life, but never take advantage of anyone’s simplicity and belief. You travel around the world to find the truth and the good things, but if it’s not within you, you won’t find it anywhere. Always keep your goal high and keep it up until you achieve that goal. A successful person is always motivated to achieve something good but he is never motivated to defeat anyone.

Swami Vivekananda said, “You will not think about who thinks about you. Let them think like them. You are determined to be your target, one day the world will come to your feet”. Don’t make a big plan first. Start slowly first, and then expand it. You will have faith in God. The power of the mind is like sunlight. You will be as you think you are. If you feel weak, you will gradually become weak, and if you think you are strong, you can build yourself stronger.

The innocent dreams of school life must become a child of the future. You want to make your wish a success. The better you think about you, the better. You just think about your plan, the goals that will make your dream come true. It’s easy to dream, but it’s not easy to make it real. That’s what we want to achieve. Albert Einstein said, “The mystery behind the real art or science, and the mystery that people are not attracted to is the candle.”

The story of a little-known Indian worshiper of humanity

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