Dare to dream until the end of your life, it can be any dream that you’re thinking. Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series –41

Every human has a dream of his own, and he has to apply his own will to achieve that dream. Dreams have a deep connection to the human mind and thoughts. Imagination, emotions, feelings, thoughts are all things that make people feel. Sleep makes the brain fully prosperous and developed. To keep the brain awake and successful, physical mental activity and exercise are as much needed as possible. Dreams give people the power to fight in life. Without a dream, there would not have been any discovery on earth today. Dare to dream until the end of your life. Everyone dreams in sleep, but I’m talking about dreaming with a blank eye, it can be any dream that you’re thinking.

Do not dream of happiness while sleeping, wake up and enjoy the joy of serving others. This is a gift to you if you don’t take a negative attitude and that will help you to succeed. Walt Disney, the Founder of Disneyland, used to say, “If you can dream, you can make that dream come true”. What is your choice Ask yourself this question beforehand. That’s the right way to set goals. Sitting emotionally and passing on an issue with honours. The job of that subject is very limited. So it is not right for you to choose the subject. There are many students who give up their studies English and they are very raw in English. There is always a fear in their minds about numbers and English. In this regard one must be keen to overcome their weaknesses and practice regularly which will relieve their fears.

If you want to keep yourself physically healthy and your body in good shape, ask yourself how many days you will be willing to go to the gym every day, if you do not see any improvement. How long or how long will you be willing to do it? If you want to start a business, ask yourself how long you will be ready to test and produce without having to make a single penny or keep your business going. Foolishness is that which lasts forever. Obviously, working forever without any consequences means you are doing something wrong. Either you choose an impossible pursuit or your method is not right.

If you ever know you’re angry, you’re going to have a diary. Write down when you’re angry. You’ll understand a pattern by writing it down like this. Some might see that you can’t say “no” so be very excited, some might see something getting interrupted and get angry. If someone criticizes, get angry. All of this can be dealt with. For example, anyone who can’t say “no” has to learn assertiveness. He must understand that everyone can never be happy. I have to say no if i need to. To please everyone, you will be exploited and angry.

“कोरोना”- कथन, ट्रोल और मीम्स

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