Collect hopeful and constructive thoughts in the bank of the mind to reduce Tension and Anxiety. Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series –42

Some parts of the free tension can be disclosed to others. Tension can result in the following symptoms. 1) Lack of memory and mindfulness, loss of judgment, suffering from anxiety and depression all the time. 2) Pain, soreness, diarrhoea, digestion, frequent urination, nausea, dizziness, chest pain, cold sore etc. 3) Eat more or less, excess sleep or insomnia, delay in all things, lack of responsibility, addiction, nail biting or that national practice. 4) When mood changes, restlessness, loneliness, exhaustion, sadness, headaches and feeling completely unhappy. Stressful may include the following diseases specially heart disease, hypertension, mood swing, headache, fatigue, exhaustion, migraine, insomnia, psoriasis etc. The way to avoid stress is to relax and to improve spiritually. The easiest way to relieve stress is to relax or meditate daily. As a result of relaxation or meditation, the following utilities can be noticed. 1) Reduces oxygen requirement of the body, lowers respiratory rate, increases blood circulation, and lowers heart rate. 2) Increases the body’s immune system, lowers ignorance, and strengthens the skin. 3) Sweat is reduced, headache is eliminated, confidence increases, memory is increased, creativity increases, endurance increases, restlessness goes away, judgment is increased.

Anxiety – Those who suffer in agony cannot laugh openly. However, in most cases, our anxiousness is utterly meaningless. Looking back, it would imply that all the things we suffer in our life, such as if he will suffer cancer , if he lost his job, if the children had a road accident – none of them would have happened, but we would spend day after day in fear of it happening. Laughter is very effective in reducing our anxieties, fears, stress, depression and relaxation. So always keep the following in mind and try to observe: – A) Think again and again about the benefits you have received, the love and respect you have received in life. B) When you see someone laugh, move on to him. Maybe he’ll share his smile with you. C) Watch comedy shows on television, listen to jokes on the radio. Check out the picture of the smile. D) Do something stupid that is absolutely fun. If you think of nonsense or tell others you will be filled with laughter. E) Want to know the fun facts of others life, tell others the interesting events of your life. Smile, yoga and meditation are the combination of these three refreshes the body and mind.

Mental imagination becomes easier in intellectual development. Stubbornness and habits develop intelligence like aids in the development of puzzles, vocabulary, numerical magic and intelligence. One of the best ways to develop the mind and the mind is to use the brain constantly. Have to face new challenges. It will keep the brain white awake and develop intellect, intellect and mind. Our brains and minds are a lot like a bank. Every day many thoughts are accumulated in the bank of the mind. These thoughts become memories as they grow. You need to build confidence to manage your memory bank well. So, just collect hopeful and constructive thoughts in the bank of the mind. If you want to be remembered forever, you can remember. Increase your memory regularly through practice.

Step by Step Guide (SBI ATM & CDM)

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