Use your power, skills and time to overcome your limitations. The more you know, the greater your knowledge and your mind’s eyes will open. Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series –43

What you know is not the end. There is still a lot to know. The more you know, the greater your knowledge and your mind’s eyes will open. Your creative brain will evolve. Go out of school and think about something new. Developing intelligence requires regular walking, running or regular sports and these types of beautiful, unprecedented helps to grow the development of intelligence. Satisfaction is important for the betterment of life. The words are heavenly, evil with destruction. Get along with wise, virtuous people, and take good advice. Their closeness will help you move forward in the path of improvement in your life, be in danger and provide the necessary enthusiasm and encouragement. You have the power to be the best. You can do the best quality work. The odds of winning are in you, too, if you try. One of the things that can enhance thinking ability is education. Education can increase thinking and skills. There are many of you who are not as skilled at anything. That doesn’t mean you can never succeed, but that’s not right. In fact, you have to make a compromise with yourself, known for yourself how much you can achieve, and do not let go of trying to achieve as much as you can. Use your power, skills and time to overcome your limitations.

Listen to parents or older children talk about their problems. Inappropriate bullying, nonsense or shouting creates frustration and strife between them. There is the possibility of suffering from inferiority, from which they may be born tension. Teenagers usually do not have the opportunity to increase their tension if they do not talk about their duties without being needless and sincere about their duties. As adolescents enter adolescent life, adolescents have additional stress on their minds. So they should mix with them like a friend. At that time, reprimanding them in a short time may result in their tension. There are problems so there will be tension. Again, patience, courage and morale can easily keep you tension free. At that point, the brain will start to relax and the mind will feel refreshed too. Scientific research has shown that people, who meditate, add, or exercise daily stress levels have a lower stress level than the rest of the general public. If you want to get some relief from instant stress then Breathing Technique can help you. So from now on, start taking special care on the body to maintain a stress-free lifestyle. If you feel excessive stress or stress, never sit or lie down for long periods of time, instead of walking outside for at least 5 minutes and breathing free air as much as possible.

1. “Being economically strong is not the only solution but it certainly gives courage” -: Barack Obama. 2. “It is the duty and duty of every citizen to invest money on all schools and the children there After investing money, we need to keep a close eye on those kids so that they can continue to think well about success and success, and they need to be reminded that they can continue to study like the rest of the kids. “- Barack Obama. 3. “If a country is corruption-free and a good-natures mind-set is in place, I firmly believe that there will be three people in social life that can make a difference. They are parents, mothers and teachers” :-Abdul Kalam Azad.


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