It doesn’t matter if others misunderstand you, but you do nothing wrong. Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series –46

Test ahead, while your son is not mindful of studying. You’re worried. He is threatening to read more. But you can’t catch his real problem. What is his real problem? He also understands that he needs to read more because of the test ahead. At the level of thought, he is right. His problem is that he can’t bring the thought to the emotional level. He says it doesn’t feel good to read. He did not learn how to bring thought to emotion. No one taught him this thing. Thus, there is a gap in his teaching system. Secondly, he did not know how to proceed to the action level, even though the thought came to the emotional level just before the exam. Will all those books be read from first to the last page before the exam? Or choose the main ones and emphasize writing at home? Thoughts-emotions-actions have to be adjusted. This is how people change. The current teaching system emphasizes on thinking level and job skill, but the aspect of emotion or emotion is neglected.

No work is ever short; to tell the truth- our thoughts are small! The idea of changing yourself is better than not retaliating against anyone. It doesn’t matter if others misunderstand you, but you do nothing wrong. The fire of vengeance burns less on others, more on itself. The fire of vengeance is like a torch that has to be washed away before others are destroyed. That is why it is wise to stop burning as quickly as possible in the cold water of tolerance. The idea of revenge is not just your time; it also damages your health. So, of course, try not to get revenge but to change yourself. It is not talent or luck, but the difference between successful and unsuccessful people in life is continuity to fulfil your dream by reaching your goal.

It is good to have endurance, but it is also necessary to show anger in some cases. It is very important to shake hands, especially where there is no smile. Showing anger is not bad, but it is most important that you know how long you can handle a cold-headed situation before getting angry. Mahadev tolerated his father-in-law’s Daksha many times. Daksha words insulted Shiva by saying beggar, Shiva was not angry. In Baghdad, “Dump has no enemies”. That is how Shiva endured all humiliation with humour, giving no answer; Do not engage in in-laws with your father-in-law to pretend masculinity. Daksha it got even more comfortable. Then, when Sati died due to Daksha, Mahadev began to taunt’ Nataraja’. The whole world was on fire in the fury of Mahadev. At that moment, the master understood why Shiva was the god of destruction. The skilful Pond is, but the skilful loser trusts his trumpet. There are some people, you eat them at the Five Star restaurant, spend money on them, and spend most of the day entertaining them. Or love her with her soul, yet at the end of the day, she will leave you. Rather, he will give a few excuses before leaving, but you will not see all that you have done for him so long. Mahadev wants nothing from you, just wants a little love. Mahadev is satisfied with a’ bel pata’. He does not see how many litres of milk he pours or how much money he gives to the boxer, he just sees if you love him in your heart. Even in mythology, you can see how Mahadev lived a very strange life. Either Sati or ‘Parvati’ wanted Mahadev as her husband; Mahadev has loved them all his life, asking nothing in return. This is one of the reasons why girls want Shiva as their husband.

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