The mistake you made today that you will not make the same mistake later! Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series –48

You will make small mistakes in life because you are human but if you make that mistake again and again, then you are not a human, you will be a human with no humanity. You will lose again and again in life because you are human! But if you lose and stop, then you are a scared man! There are small mistakes in life! Because those mistakes will get you right! We are inadvertently mistaken! Learn from that mistake, learn from experience! And I get success from education! Be so remorseful of the mistake you made today that you will not make the same mistake later!

You have to be right in your mind during the study. He needs to sleep at the right time. How much sleep is needed for our body -There is a difference between scientists. Some say that an adult needs an average of seven to eight hours of sleep every day. Otherwise, his memory will become weak and he will be tired of working during the day. If you do not sleep well at night, there is a possibility of some mental disturbances besides physical symptoms and from morning, the mood will be jittery and the thoughts of the mind will be in the mind. We have a sleep rhythm and it’s understandable when we notice it. After sleeping in bed with eyes open, the body relaxes first. Then sleep in the eyes. It’s a light sleep. Within fifteen minutes, the brain goes to full rest, and sleep is transformed into a deep sleep. If someone is called at that time, his body can massage. He may not be tired the next day. We have a rhythm of sleep, and we have a cycle. Usually each sleep is two and a half hours. If someone knows about the time of sleep, it’s a good thing.

Those who are soft have to suffer a lot. He gets angry at times for signing up. It is not right to be rude; you have to be friendly when you are hungry. But if someone hits for no reason, the hit should be back. Because if you can’t calm your mind, you can be a target and success can be a success. Loneliness is “I don’t understand everyone is wrong” – that’s how anger arises. This kind of attitude should not be allowed to grow. Listen to the favourite songs, read the book of laughter, or watch the show on TV. Don’t express your anger to everyone, especially to the Person who is not fit for the same. But there is someone who can stir up all the anger. They may be mothers or fathers, maybe a special friend or a relative. Sports, body work is important to reduce anger, especially in boys. Relaxation, meditation etc. helps to reduce anger. They should punch the punch bag, or else they might be in trouble.

Abdul Kalam Azad said, “A good student can learn a lot from a bad teacher than what a bad teacher can learn. Look up to the sky. We are not alone. The universe is friendly to us. As it works, they catch the best of them. I discovered that “cigarettes” and “bidi” were sold the fastest. Wondering why poor people spend their hard earned money swallowing this smoke. The best talent of the nation can be found from the last bench of the classroom. In my student life, I wanted to be an airplane pilot. But I failed to fulfill that dream, became a rocket scientist. “

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