Try to understand that you are not the ‘body’ or ‘mind’ – you are the conscious ‘soul’. Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series –49

If a person sees a child at two years of age or one year and sees him at age 5, he will see that already the form of the child has completely changed, his body, mind, the intellect has changed. Yet that person is the same person, that is, the one entity that does not change. That is the soul that is the real form of life, the centre of personality. Another proof is – suppose you have gone to market when your grandmother is lying in the house. In the market, you hear that your grandma is dead. Returning home, he sees “Dadima”( Mother’s Mom) still lying on the couch before going to the market, and around his father, your father says, “When my mother is gone” – brother says, “Grandma is gone” and so on. You can see your grandma is lying on the bed, and everyone is shouting, ‘Mom is gone’ Grandma is gone ‘and so on. Now the question is – who left? That is the spirit. When the soul departs, the body attains the state of being there is no sign of consciousness in the body, that is, the body becomes unconscious. From this we can understand that I am not this ‘body’ or ‘mind’ – I am the conscious ‘soul’.

What if the character is not right? What happens to a higher degree if there is no knowledge in the heart? What happens to the resource if it does not take service? What if you got everything on earth? Patience with all the people of the family is love, patience with other people in the society is honoured, patience with self is confidence and patience with God is faith. Fate is like rainwater, and hard work is like well water, it is easy to bathe in rainwater, but we cannot depend on rainwater every day, just as we get a lot of luck very easily, but always on luck. Can’t depend on Too much attachment to anything creates problems. Many people forget the difference between right and wrong because of logic. Moha (want) is regarded as a symbol of intimacy. Involvement means that it does not allow a person to move forward, bound. An impatient person cannot use his intellect properly. If the person does not make progress, there will be no success in the work.

Love the lover, give enough discount. But if he understands that he is about to make a wrong decision, then it is important to hold him tight. Sometimes a small mistake can end the entire relationship in a moment. Girls want husbands like Shiva, fasting in ‘Shivratri’. However, they do not know much about why they want Shiva as their husband, because there are so many gods. Through deep analysis of Shiva, you will see many qualities that transform a boy into a male. Parallel love with ten cannot be a man, love one man forever. The physical structure of men, the number of girlfriends, and the dressing sensation does not matter. When you want to be male, you have the ability to protect ‘Abla’ (women), the ability to make difficult decisions, the ability to love. And from that point on, the goddess is the greatest man, to suppress the evil and obey the discipline.

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