It is the oldest idea and this is not possible to change someday.Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series –50

There is also a paradox of ideals Human ideas about the ideal did not find the land in a single day Foresight, far-thinking, backward experience, history, experimentation, the pursuit of a better life have always given new definitions to the ideal. Today’s society is the owner of this whole history, the whole tradition today when people are thinking about what their ideal is, all the possible ideas come to the fore. Artist wondering what would be the ideal of his art creation? Which model will devote life force to the implementation? Does the teacher think the student will create an ideal? The author is thinking of writing an example? And what is the general thought of survival? It may be that for ages, the ideal has been trying to improve .The ideal can be said to be like a model. Seeing that, life is trying following the historical order, we first find the ideal – idealism. Idealism – It is the oldest idea and this is not possible to change someday.

When it comes to casual living, I end up talking about the show-off. Mahadev had gone to marry Parvati after the ‘Baghchal’ (Skin of Tiger), ashes. Seeing that, mother-in-law ‘Menka’ took the hiccup and fell into the crowd. Essentially the gods dress Shiva in good clothes and jewellery, prepare him for marriage. Then ‘Menka’ himself became ashamed of seeing the form of Shiva. Mahadeva did not pay much attention to the dress, but he sought to strengthen and purify himself from the inside. Nowadays, some people wear thousands of bucks or fashions from a salon named Shiny, but their chests will be as black as coal. Seeing such people from the outside, many fall in love, but cannot spend a lifetime with them. They do not love anyone. They are clever inside, not outside.

The humility of these people comes down to honour and shame. Looking at myself, myself, I can see the reflection of the unruly, arrogant, arrogant people. These people repeatedly remind us that being humble does not mean being small, but growing up. Because we grow up in our impolite pride, we grow up repeatedly trying to be humble. The weirdest fact in the world is – to grow up to be small, to grow up to be small is not necessary! It is important to remember that in the examination of the university, the good or bad score is often not compatible with the number found in the examination of life. What is more worrying is why even today our test system is not able to assess the true quality of human beings, which is really a matter of thinking.

Is getting a good score in the exam the main purpose of life education? Maybe not, just by being able to possess a beautiful, healthy mind, extending a little sympathy to the poor, oppressed, helpless people of the society, that is, to serve Shiva in life knowledge. The real example of which is our beloved Swamiji.


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