Go deeper; you can get to the bottom. Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series –45

Wisdom is in every creature. His dimensions remain special. Each one seeks to introduce the intellect through their various tasks. “There is little or no intelligence, but there is no use, or not at all” – this type of judgment is not always correct. In most cases, the respondents judge the intelligence of the boys and girls after seeing the academic results. But psychologists say that intelligence is reflected not only in education, but also in other behaviours, skills, decisions, creations and positive attitudes towards life. By making yourself an honest human being, you can be sure that there is at least one rogue in the world. Sincerity is a matter of desire and it is difficult to prove. If you have a sincere desire to help others, you will reach your goals. The mind-set of the leg is discipline, so restraint and discipline are required.

 Absolute excellence is an on-going process. It does not come suddenly. It comes slowly. Those who do not work from the mind, they can’t really achieve anything. And yet, that is half the success of the heart. It always stays the same bitterness. Life is a complicated game. You can conquer him by gaining personality. We will be remembered only when we can bestow a prosperous and secure India to our northern generation. Make the determination that you want to measure your perseverance for. Now, ask yourself how long you are willing to work toward your goals without any positive feedback. How long will you be willing to work on a project without seeing any results from your efforts? I believe this is a rough estimate of your commitment to this project. Look, I didn’t ask how long you wanted to work on a project. Instead, I asked how long you would be able to work at zero, the progress you are making without any  knowledge. 

What happen if you scored hundred out of one hundred marks — is the figure proves that you are proficient in that regard? Learn to dive deep into your choice. The glamour of the subject, which works behind the selection of the subject of most students, cannot be the solution for choosing a subject but the criteria for choosing a subject on love and interest in the subject. To learn mathematics one has to try to grasp the underlying truth. Skills are not the only method of education. The basic tune of education lies in the presentation of logical content, deep in theory. In this case, one may remember the song of one of new song writer Anupam’s song – “Go deeper; you can get to the bottom”. Today’s modern world and computer-controlled world only understand the English language and that is real. It is important to see how boys and girls learn to speak the language correctly so that they do not suffer from discomfort. It is important to know at least a little English and to have knowledge of common courtesy index English.

Swami Vivekananda said, “Nowadays, there is a tendency to talk too much about karma and blow away thoughts. Action is good, but it also comes from thinking. Actions are the smallest manifestations of the individual’s energy within the body. There can be no work without thought. Fill the brain with high thoughts – set it on high ideals, put it in front of the mind day and night, it will be a big task. “ APJ Abdul Kalam said, “There is more happiness in complex work. Therefore, in order to enjoy success, human work must be complicated”.

Step by Step Guide (SBI ATM & CDM)

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