To do something big and great requires endless patience and a hard work mentality. Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series –47

Everything in the world is trivial to the will power. With willpower, a cripple can rock the hills – Many people know this. The power or mental strength of a human being is such as like the speed of his life. So in the mind, the will has to conserve energy. I will do a great job but do not work it is not possible in any way. To do something big and great requires endless patience and a hard work mentality. Be patient until the work is done. So working hard is the first condition for doing big things. Man’s greatest enemy is the weakness in his mind. Even with the ability to climb Everest, there is a dilemma in the mind if there is a dilemma of ‘whether I can get up or not’. And this mental weakness will never allow him to rise to the summit of Everest. Weakness is one of the things that make people doubt their own abilities. Therefore, weakness is the biggest fault of any human being.

If you want to be happy, then refrain from hurting others because every action of Edge has the same and opposite reaction. So if you grieve someone today, that grief will come to your life tomorrow. Release the desire to receive extra love from other people. Because there is no real love in this world of untruth, it is a world of self-interest, so if there is a shortage of self-interest, anyone will regret you at any time. This is an eternal world. In fact, no one here is your eternal companion, no one in this world has always been with you before, neither will there be in the future, we have come together for a temporary time to perform in this stage called earth, so accept this simple fact and take someone in this world forever. Don’t want to live; anyone can leave you alone at any time. You admit it is a world of misery. And accept it and engage yourself in the service of others to relieve suffering.

Speaking of which, Charity begins at home. Honour your lover, wife or mother before honouring all the women of the world. Mahadeva worshiped Parvati as a force. Shiva is the one who persuaded Parvati that she is not only the daughter of the Himalayas; she is the ‘Adyashakti Mahamaya’. Parvati came to know about Shiva’s inner strength. How many men are there who encourages his wife to work? In fact, most of them want his wife to do housework, cook, and cook. Very few people are outspoken, who, in their own hands, teach the lover to shoot arrows, encourages war. ‘Durga’ was the first to prove that girls can fight, and Mahadeva provided the motivation to fight ‘Durga’. Even when Parvati became devoid of interest in Kali, Shiva let himself get his chest under Kali’s feet. The powerful man did not hesitate to breastfeed at his wife’s feet. The real man is the one who has masculinity but does not boast about masculinity.

Cricketer Rahul Dravir was given the doctorate title by the University of Bangalore, Rahul Dravir returned it. Not only did he return, but he also gave a wonderful statement as well, he said, “My wife is a doctor, she has spent countless nights and days getting this title.” My mother is a professor of art, she has waited fifty years for this degree, persevered. I tried hard to play cricket, but I didn’t study that much, so how do I get this degree?

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