Tourist Place of Bardhaman District, Part-4 ,Sightseeing in Bardhaman.

Tourist Place of Bardhaman District, Part-4 ,Sightseeing in Bardhaman.

Curzon Gate

Curzon Door is one of the most mainstream visitor goals in Burdwan and this verifiable landmark is situated at the focal point of the town at the gathering purpose of the Amazing Trunk Street and B.C. Street. Raised in the year 1903, the brilliant and forcing structure of the Curzon Entryway was raised upon the sets of the Ruler of Burdwan, Maharaja Bijoy Chand Mahtab to welcome and get Master Curzon, the then Emissary of Bengal at the passageway of the town of Burdwan. The landmark was named consequently in Ruler Curzon’s respect and is otherwise called both Vijay Toran in Hindi and Bijoy Toron in Bangla. Curzon Door was fabricated after the engineering structure of the Portal of India in Mumbai in Maharashtra and was dealt with by an Italian stone carver. The mainstays of the entryway and the figures of the lions on the sides, the cornice, the three pixies at the top and the embellishments which are progressively eroding are probably the best cases of chiseling.

The previous name of the entryway was the ‘Star of India’ which was later changed. Voyagers who visit the door are captivated by the hypnotizing engineering of the landmark that is conspicuously obvious in the two side curves just as in the primary curve of the entryway. The Imperial Castle, wherein the rulers and the sovereigns lived is at a minor separation of one kilometer from the entryway. A lovely work of art of the dedication was finished by A.F. Hugh and was skilled to the residents of Barddhaman.

The most effective method to Reach: Curzon Door is a ways off of about 1.3 km from the Bardhaman railroad station. This chronicled landmark can be reached by strolling for around a little ways from the railroad station or by a three-minute ride in engine vehicles or by cycle rickshaws. The street/course map from the Bardhaman railroad station to Curzon Entryway is as per the following: In the wake of leaving the premises of the Bardhaman rail line station, head east towards the Arambagh – Bardhaman Street. From that point, take a left-hand turn onto the Arambagh – Bardhaman Street and pass by the Parbirhata Bastuhara Notun Bazaar on the left. Coming to there, go left onto the Stupendous Trunk Street from the corner where the Dulhan Women Excellence Parlor is found and pass by the Dhal Dighi Petroleum Siphon which is around 400 and fifty meters to one side. After going there, take a left-hand turn onto the passage entryway of B.C. Street and can see the great and hypnotizing structure of the Curzon Entryway on the right.

Damodar River

Description: Curzon Gate


The city of Burdwan is situated on the banks of Stream Damodar. This stream begins from Sonajuria Falls of Bijonsa Slope situated in the Palampur region of Bihar. The stream joins Barakar at Disergarh and afterward moves through the Burdwan Region. It keeps on coursing through Hooghly Region and Howrah Area before joining Bhagirathi (the Ganges in Murshidabad). There is a scaffold over Damodar at Sadarghat which is known as Krishok Setu. The sandbanks by the waterway are perfect for picnics, though, vessel paddling can be delighted in on the waters of the stream. A kite flying reasonable happens on the banks during Poila Magh or the principal day of the Bengali month of Magh.

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