The secret of karma can be known as a result of the practice of karma yoga.

The secret of karma can be known as a result of the practice of karma yoga. [How to Improve Your Motivational Skill, Series-103 (Prerana)], Author – Pradip Kumar Ray.

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Everyone has faults. Whatever good or bad deeds are done, it must be enjoyed. But it is better to do good than to do evil. Action must be done; it is very difficult to cut the side of action. If I sit idle, will I cut the work side? So we have to work by giving up authority. It is big in action and also small in action. Some are being worshiped for their deeds and some are being abused. ‘Karamse’ cuts Karam. Doing good deeds is good for one and good for others, and doing bad deeds is bad for oneself and others. So the action has to be done until the action is cut. Doing evil will bring fear and sorrow. If you do honest work, you will find peace and you must be fearless. The more honest the work, the happier it is. To do well is to suffer first, to be comfortable in the future, and to do evil is to be happy, to be sad in the future.

Whenever we feel that we are not confined within the body, we are free from the domination of diseases. The reason we do not know ourselves is the strong attraction towards desires, lusts, and worldly objects. Whenever we know our pure being, we can overcome the fear of death, because death is just a change of body. Some people have a tendency to act. But the mind cannot concentrate on any subject. They are deprived of the judgment of the intellect, so they must pursue selfless deeds to purify their hearts. The practice of yoga in this way will reveal the secrets of karma and travel, shopping or storytelling will all seem like worship.

The speed of action is very incomprehensible. Those whose deeds are devoid of lust and whose deeds have been burnt by the fire of knowledge are called Pandits. He who has renounced addiction to karma, he who is eternally satisfied does not do karma. He who has no hope, whose mind is restrained, who has renounced all kinds of attachments, does not become bound by sin even if he performs bodily deeds. He who is satisfied with the things obtained arbitrarily, he who is uncontroversial and fishless, in whose perfection and imperfection he is conscious, he too is not bound by action. The ideals of Vedanta are to solve the problems of life, to point out the purpose of human life, to improve human life, and to make human life more compatible with the world-will that is at work in nature. Vedanta makes us realize that the will power that is currently active in our body is actually a part of the world-will power.

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Many people say that there is no motivation for selfless action, it is purposeless. That’s not right as creation by action, protection of creation by action, so nature makes everyone work. It is the duty of the living being to make the action useless and turn it into Bhagavata’s action. This is action. If the worker is selfish, then how will the sorrow of the world are relieved. So Prahlad said sadly, Bhagavata (8/9/44) – “Prayena Devamunayh Swabimuktikama. Maunang charanti bijane na pararthanisthah”. Altruism: ‘It is often seen that munis do austerities in solitude, they do not look at people. They are not altruistic; they are busy with their own liberation, so they are selfish. From ancient times the people have been glorified by their deeds.

We all know the importance of inspiration in life May every human being always be inspired. Adhering to these inspirational judgments in real life can change the life of any human being effortless.

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