Your attitude can make all the difference. Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series – 19

Discipline is very basic. If you do not have control over yourself, no work will be done on time. Therefore, the practice of self-control is important. The tendency to be aware of temporal phenomena should be made, and then in the competition will be far ahead of others. So the window to know should always be open. All the birds seek shelter during the rain, but the eagle flies over the sky so that the rain can’t even touch it – it’s a common problem in life where your attitude can make all the difference. If you’re scared to lose, never expect to win. Work received by identity is temporary, but identity from work is lifetime.

The crowd always follows the road that seems straight, but that doesn’t always mean that the crowd will always follow the right road. Find your own path, because you know no one but yourself. Everything begins with nothing. All the roads in front of us seem to be closed, so the road to success will seem open to us as we get closer to it. Bill Gates told that when you have money in your pocket, only you will forget who you are, but when your pockets are empty, the whole world will forget who you are.

Infinite power is lost in man, it is his own pursuit to awaken this power. You have to make an effort to reach your goals, so it is recommended that all your supplements conform to your life goals. I have to have full confidence in my own power and I have to imagine that I will achieve success. Assumption-based decisions are always abandoned. In order to be successful in any task, you need to know the best information about it. Knowledge and information are the source of energy. One will have to end all of his or her own activities within a strict discipline. Own decisions should be made by themselves, but the opinions of those who influence or influence those decisions must be taken. No decision should be taken until it is proved to be correct. Whenever starting work, it has to be done with the hope of getting good results and it is important to check that the work is progressing in the right way – the emotional stutter must be controlled.

There should always be fatigue between optimistic and positive people. Every day, you need to be more active, more aware and energized so that you can get more energy from work without getting tired, exhausted, or getting tired. Identify what will help or indirectly achieve the goal, try to reduce time on other issues, rethink things that are not in line with the purpose of life so that time can be used effectively. There is one thing that pops into our head that suffering is not available. That’s right, of course, but the constant fight against you should not be included. These hardships are perseverance, discipline, concentration and devotion.

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